Pirates Crafts – Make a Telescope

Pirates Crafts

Do ye want to be like a scurvy pirate? Then a telescope be all ye need to be part ‘o our band o’ pirates!


Pirates Craft Telescope

You Will Need:

* a paper cup
* a paper towel roll
* blue food colouring
* a small see-through cylindrical container that is a little bigger than the opening in the paper towel roll (we found ours at the dollar store) and about 1/2″ to 1″ deep
* acrylic paints or Paint Marker Pen
* glue gun
* tape (electrical tape works great!)
* stuff to decorate the outside of the telescope (maybe use black and gold paint, Multi Colored thread and plastic beads)


  1. Fill your plastic container 1/4 with water and add one drop of blue food colouring. Seal it shut with a glue gun and/or electrical tape so it doesn’t leak (we used both).
  2. On the outside of the container, use acrylic paints or paint markers (really easy for kids to use) to draw a scene. We drew a ship floating in the water. You could also suggest your kids draw a desert island, or a lighthouse, or seabirds, or whatever else they like!
  3. Now place the paper towel roll on the bottom of the cup and trace around the roll and cut that circle out so the roll can fit through the cup.
  4. Once the roll is inserted into the cup, glue gun the small container onto the end of the paper towel roll that is inside the cup. The container will now be inside the cup, and it will hold the paper towel roll together with the cup.
  5. You may decide to trim the end of the paper towel roll to make the telescope the length you want it.
  6. Now it’s time to decorate! Paint your telescope, add sticky-backed fun foam to jazz it up, add a skull and bones, sequins, rick-rack, or other stickers etc.
  7. You can also punch a hole in one end an add some string or twine with beads to help your kiddo carry his/her telescope around.
  8. Hope your kids have fun with this one! Onetime loved seeing the moving water inside and making a little storm for his ship.  This telescope was a favourite toy for weeks!

Bring ye Telescope t’ Twinlakes Park on ye weekend 18th-19th March 2017 and join ye band o’ scurvy pirates!

Book ye tickets online here ye scurvy lot!