07/01/2018 Today at the park

07/01/2018. The following rides will be closed this morning due to ice/low temperatures: Log Flume, Galleon, Excalibur Ride, Outdoor Play Area (this will open later as the temperatures warms. The Buffalo and Shark Bite will be closed all day. Thank you

Rides available 28/12/2017

28/12/2017: All indoor rides and attractions are open. At present only 2 outdoor rides are open due to the cold temperatures and frost. We are assessing periodically if we can open more outdoor rides and attractions when safe to do so. Thanks for your patience, Twinlakes Park

Ride availability 27/12/2017

27/12/2017 – At park opening only our indoor rides and attractions will be open due to frost and low temperatures. We will periodically assess the weather conditions outside and will open outdoor attractions when safe to do so. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Ride closures 23/09/2017

Please note: The following rides will be closed on 23/09/2017 The Buffalo Coaster – Due to technical/maintenance The Train – Due to technical/maintenance The Trauma Towers – Due to technical/maintenance Galleon Pitate Shop – Due to refurbishment The Dungeon – Due to refurbishment We apologise for any disappointment. The comfort and safety of all our guests is…