Goodbye to Richard & The Falconry Team


Goodbye to Richard & The Falconry TeamGoodbye to Richard & The Falconry Team Goodbye to Richard & The Falconry Team

Goodbye to our good friends

It is a sad day today as we are saying goodbye to Richard & the Falconry Team after being with us right from opening 14 years ago today on 20th September 2003! We wish Richard and the team all the best in their new ventures!

Over the past 14 years these guys have given us some out of this world Falconry Shows every single day without question!

They have welcomed all of you lovely people and shared with you some very interesting facts about their birds. All of their birds have gone to great new homes and will be looked after very well by other Falconry Centres around the UK!

New Falconry Team

We are welcoming our new Falconry Team to the park tomorrow. We are sure you will love these guys as much as you did Richard and the team!

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