Red Rooster Zoo Farm

Pass through the big barn with our large domestic animals, sure to be a hit with the children!


At Red Rooster Zoo Farm Discover the great courtyard where you will find Twinlakes’ famous Meerkats who found true love on the web. Meet Lilly, Mr Darcy and their babies Eenie, Meenie, Miny and Stumpy Mo! There are aviaries of beautiful birds, mountains for climbing goats and dear little monkeys who swing on branches in their cosy enclosure. The Farm theatre has ferret racing, animal encounters and a fascinating program of events which brings the family close to their animal friends. There’s around the clock animal activities which can keep you entertained all day.

Round the clock activities on a daily (please check the activities board as you enter the Farm).



If you’re interested in purchasing any animals or Exotic animals from our creepy critters then please contact our Farm Manager at to discuss further. Animals can carry bugs and germs, follow our simple Farm Hygiene rules and have an awesome time at

Please refer to our comprehensive rides and attractions restriction guide for height, weight, ride suitability and parental supervision requirements. Some rides need 1 to 1 adult supervision with children. Our under 95cm pricing structure (enter the park for FREE) due to limited number of rides and attractions suitable for this age.