Creepy Critters Zone

Watch out there are scary creatures about in the Creepy Critters Zone at Twinlakes Theme Park!


Creepy-Critters-Zone  If Bearded Dragons, slippery snakes & terrifying tarantulas are your favourite, the Creepy Critters Zone at Twinlakes Park is for you. Stately Stick Insects stand to attention as majestic Royal Pythons swallow their massive meals. Scorpions scuttle under dead branches as a baby crocodile is deceptively still in his pond.

Please refer to our comprehensive rides and attractions restriction guide for height, weight, ride suitability and parental supervision requirements. Some rides need 1 to 1 adult supervision with children. Our under 95cm pricing structure (enter the park for FREE) due to limited number of rides and attractions suitable for this age.