Action USA Zone

Discover and celebrate everything we love about The USA!

Action USA Zone | Twinlakes Family Theme Park 

Join us on the Bumper Boat lake for a fun splash battle with your buddies, fly down Running Bears Summit Plummet, a giant year-round ski slope! You’ll hear the screams of the Buffalo Stampede Coaster long before you climb aboard. Discover how the Wild West felt for the pioneers who built Golden Bear and Prairie Pete’s City.

Take a climb on our new American Dream Fantasy Castle, a giant play structure specially designed for Twinlakes Park. In 2018 we extended this family favourite with ‘Goblin Towers’. NEW! rides in action USA include: Taxi Quay Largo a mini waterside themed toddler ride and Rio Grande Train all aboard this western style family ride.

Grab a bite to eat at The BBQ shack or Ice Cream Shack.

Please refer to our comprehensive rides and attractions restriction guide for height, weight, ride suitability and parental supervision requirements. Some rides need 1 to 1 adult supervision with children. Our under 95cm pricing structure (enter the park for FREE) due to limited number of rides and attractions suitable for this age.