Summer Super 6 Challenge

July 15 - September 1

Ride all 6 of our top attractions and get a


*On selected September 2019 dates ONLY.

Ride the big 6 here at Twinlakes Park: 

Icarus Skyflyer | The Excalibur | Dragon Falls Log Flume | Buffalo Stampede Coaster | Mercury Mini Coaster | The Rum Runner

Collect your stamp card when you enter the park and earn your DISCOUNTED Family Ticket (up to 6 people) to be used on *selected dates in September 2019!

At least one member of your family must ride the top 6. A stamp will be given on ride exit. Only one stamp card per family per day. *Discounted TBC return is for up to 6 people to be used once on any September 2019 date listed: TBC. Return cannot be extended beyond  September 2019 dates TBC. or used on another date other than those listed above. Annual Pass holders can participate. Do not lose this card, we cannot replace if lost and no alternative will be given. In the event of a ride closure, the stamps will be honoured as a gesture of goodwill. This promotion can be withdrawn or altered at any time at the discretion of Twinlakes Park. We reserve the right to close any ride or attraction due to maintenance and/or any other reason. Summer Super 6 challenge is eligible from TBC. The decision on discounted entry is at the discretion of Twinlakes Park. Management’s decision is final. Finally, have a fantastic day and see you soon!

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