Easter Bunny Grotto -19th March - 17th April

Easter Bunny Grotto Story!

Once upon a time in a burrow deep underground, well, sort of underground – it’s just the other side of Farmer Phil’s potting shed! There lived a very happy family of bunnies. Now Mr Bunny was very fast and very good at taking farmer Phil’s award winning carrots and vegetables home for Mrs Bunny and the rest of the bunny family, they had the best sight in the whole bunny burrow village! Once a year around Easter, Farmer Phil entered the vegetable competition. He longed to win the 24 carrot trophy for his prize carrots. Farmer Phil didn’t like bunnies very much, but little bunny liked Farmer Phil. He liked his chocolate and sweets, actually little bunny liked chocolate as much if not more than carrots!

As Easter approached and the competition grew nearer, farmer Phil stayed day and night in his shed guarding his prize carrot. The bunny family took turns nipping in and out trying to catch farmer Phil asleep so they could take the carrot home for supper. The night before Easter Little Bunny was on his very first night shift, as he tiptoed into the shed and sat quietly in the corner as his daddy has showed him. He spotted a shiny golden egg, little bunny could smell it was chocolate; he had a good nose for a rabbit! As farmer Phil fell asleep, little bunny moved closer, he couldn’t believe his eyes! He soon forgot about farmer Phil’s prize carrot! He quickly took the golden egg and ran home deep into his burrow. The whole bunny burrow village was fast asleep; baby bunny decided to share the big chocolate golden egg between everyone and stayed up all night making tiny little chocolate eggs, wrapped in golden foil. Little bunny was so very tired as it was nearly morning when he finished delivering all the little eggs to the whole bunny burrow village as a special Easter surprise. The next morning the whole bunny burrow village woke to a glistening chocolate egg with a very special little note. It was signed and said ‘Happy Easter with love from the Easter bunny’.

*Extra Charge will apply and includes entrance into grotto and free BIG chocolate egg or Easter plush

Photography is prohibited whilst in the Grotto, however a professional photography service is available. *(Small charge applies)



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It is Bank Holiday Monday so of course there are a few showers! However, it is supposed to be nice most of the day!

Come on over and have a splash around in our huge waterpark or just enjoy yourselves outdoors!

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Aaawww how sweet!

We have some cure little ducklings waddling around the park! Have you seen them yet?

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This duck mom waited so patiently while people rescued her babies — and her reaction to being reunited with them is the sweetest ❤️️

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The next awesome event we have going on here at Twinlakes Park is the mighty Titan The Robot on 31st May!!

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We are at the melton show today!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Come and see team extreme today!! Included in your ticket price!
First 500 tickets booked online per day pay on £12 for an adult or child, toddlers discounted and under 95cm free!! www.twinlakespark.co.uk/event/super-hero-may-half-term/
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